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The Video Game Archeologist: Volume 1-3

The Video Game Archeologist is an 84 page magazine style publication that is dedicated to keeping the memory of the golden age of gaming alive. During the 8 and 16-Bit era there were over 2,500 games released, yet most people would be hard pressed to name five that don't include "Mario, Sonic, or Final Fantasy" in the title. The primary focus of this series is to not only look back at some of the games we remember, but to also dig deep and examine games that time has forgotten. By utilizing hundreds of screenshots as well as an in depth review, each game recieves cover story treatment.
Each volume will cover a cross section of games across a variety of systems, from the Atari 2600 to the NES to the Genesis, as well as some games that never quite made it to the American market.
Volume 1 Covers: Bloody Wolf, Cannon Fodder, Cyborg Hunter, Die Hard, DJ Boy, Dragonfire, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Metal Storm, Moonwalker, Red Zone, Super Double Dragon, Tao, The Firemen, The Ninja, and Tron Deadly Discs.

Volume 2 Covers: Challenge of Nexar, Gauntlet, TechnoCop, Dahna, Yume Maboroshi, Defender of the Crown, Platoon, Revengers of Vengeance, Montezuma's Revenge, Teddy Boy, Nosferatu, Super Chase HQ, Legendary Axe, Ninja Spirit
Volume 3 Covers: Caliber 50, Death and Return of Superman, Demolition Man, Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball, First Samurai, Go Go Ackman, Infiltrate, Kenseiden, Krull, Ninja Burai, Rap Jam, Shockman, Wall Street Kid, Wizards and Warriors

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Vol. 1 Softcover on Amazon ($10)

Vol. 2 Softcover on Amazon ($10)

Vol. 3 Softcover on Amazon ($10)

Vol. 1 Digital PDF ($2.99)

Vol. 2 Digital PDF ($2.99)

Vol. 3 Digital PDF ($2.99)

The VGA Presents: Phantasy Star 2

Phantasy Star II for the Sega Genesis is regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. Over the course of 108 pages, this book takes an in-depth look at the story and the graphics that make up this classic title. By utilizing hundreds of screenshots, the game comes alive on the page and takes the reader through every aspect of the storyline.


Softcover and Hardcover on Amazon ($15 and $22.99)

Digital PDF Version ($3.99)


The Atari 2600 Encyclopedia is now available in Print, PDF and for Apple iBooks (both iPad and desktop Macs). The print version comes in a hardback edition with over 400 full color pages.

Volume 1 covers a quarter of the US releases in great detail. Every game gets the attention it deserves, with scans, screenshots, and a lengthy writeup (as well as gameplay footage for the iBooks version). Each writeup is done in a casual, reader friendly tone that both informs and entertains. The Atari 2600 is the system that gave a lot of us our introduction to video games, and this book aims to help preserve the memory of the games that made this system what it was.

Amazon USA (Regular Price $50. Check link for current pricing as Amazon runs discounts)

ITunes ($12.99. Includes Gameplay Footage. Has different layout than print version. Sample Chapter Download available within iBooks)

PDF ($9.99)



The Sega Master System Encyclopedia is now available in Print and PDF format as well as for iBooks (both iPad and Desktop Macs).

Over the course of 435 pages you'll find that every USA Release has an in depth review, multiple screen shots, and cover scans.

The goal with this is to make sure that the memory of the games from this era lives on for future gaming generations. Granted not all of the games within these pages deserve to be remembered fondly, but they do deserve to be remembered nonetheless.

The reviews are equal parts informative and entertaining. While the purpose of encyclopedias isn't to be entertaining, the purpose of gaming is, so there was a great effort to make reading about games fun.

There are two versions of the Print edition, a Hardcover Edition and a Paperback Edition.

Both the Paperback and Hardcover edition is available through Amazon. Since Amazon is always running sales on books, please click below to get the most current pricing.

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The PDF version is available below for $10, and can be viewed on just about every tablet and PC on the market.

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The iBooks version is broken into Four Volumes. This is due to the inclusion of video gameplay footage, which bumps up the file size substantially. The Breakdown is below.

In Volume One a total of 29 games are examined (Action Fighter - F16 Fighting Falcon)
In Volume Two a total of 30 games are examined (Fantasy Zone - Miracle Warriors)
In Volume Three a total of 27 games are examined (Missile Defense 3D - Shooting Gallery)
In Volume Four a total of 26 games are examined (Slap Shot to Zillion II)

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